BMA Goonyella and Daunia Projects | September 2020

EnviroMist Dust Suppression System Designs for BMA Goonyella and Daunia Mines

EnviroMist has concluded the design processes for two BMA Central Queensland mines.

BMA Daunia design: 55kW dust suppression system for conveyors feeding from the ROM to the CHPP.

Daunia ROM Conveyor Dust Suppression Design

BMA Goonyella design: five dust suppression systems across ROM1 and ROM2. When installed, EnviroMist’s systems will effectively manage dust emissions from the ROM bins to the stockpiles including the reclaim tunnels.

Goonyella ROM1 – Dump Hopper and Combined HP Pumps and Filter Station
Goonyella ROM1 Dust Suppression System including Reclaim Tunnels

For BMA Goonyella, the additional EnviroMist design adds to the existing ROM3 and stockpile discharge dust suppression systems installed by EnviroMist in 2019.

EnviroMist Supplied ROM3 and Stockpile Dust Suppression Systems

EnviroMist have been standardising their product range to offer their resource industry clients a set of standard solutions based around ROM bins, transfer and breaker stations and stockpile discharge systems.